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the place to create and share street photography projects

We have put every effort to create a site that both professional and amateur photographers will find useful, user-friendly and fun.

Photosquat offers three unique ways to create your photo projects.

  • The Private Project - It's All About You.
    You may want to start a private project if you love shooting artistic street scenes and you want to share your talent with the world. In a Private Project you are the only Photosquat user contributing.
  • The Invite Project - It's A Group Thing.
    An invite project enables you to capture many different artistic perceptions of one subject by inviting specific Photosquat users of your choosing to post their own photos along with yours.
  • The Open Project - We're All In This Together.
    Marking a Photosquat project as open gives the option for any other Photosquat user around the world to contribute photos to it. You will likely get the most variety of photo art in an open project.

Photosquat also has a mapping feature that allows you to pin the location your photos were taken in! This feature gives your project's audience a more substantial connection to your art.

All Photosquat users can create an unlimited number of projects of any type - All For Free!

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